I just bought a gift card that I won’t use, instead I’ll donate it. I bought it from a restaurant near where I work. I spent $2,000 - money I had planned to spend on spring break. I know not everyone will do this, but please let me explain why I did it. 

These are challenging times. Especially for restaurants. 

No doubt you are concerned about the happenings in the world today. I would be concerned if you weren’t. Let’s explore what we can do…together! 

One observation I’ve made is people everywhere are concerned for their locally owned restaurants and uncertain of how to help them during this time. The purpose of this project is to share a proposal for how, together, we can help restaurants and consumers in our community at the same time. An old-fashioned “Win/Win” scenario. 

Supporting local restaurants in OUR community right now is imperative. They are a vital engine of economic growth in our community & employ a ton of people that we all know and LOVE. Due to COVID-19, some may be forced to shut down. With this in mind, and in the face of this adversity, each of us has the power to act but sometimes we just don’t know what to do. 

So here is my proposal. Some may laugh at how small or silly the proposal may seem at first glance. I would contend, at least it is taking action - however small & that small acts can make a HUGE impact! 

DONATE NOW & allow our community to buy even more from our local restaurants! 

Buying gift cards or gift certificates! In short, you/WE will donate money for the purchase of gift cards. These gift cards are an instant cash infusion with no expense of product to offset the money. 100% cash to our restaurant owners. 

It gets cash into the hands of owners you believe in today, in the hopes they will be here tomorrow. Other than carry out, no customers will be visiting them for some time. It also allows them to continue paying & retain some of their best talent that makes the restaurant so special. 

Once the gift cards are all purchased, we will offer them to the general public for 30-40% discounts. They will be able to buy a $100 gift card for only $60-$70!! Your donation allows for the discount and in turn allows consumers, who might not otherwise visit these establishments that we so love, to get great deals. On top of this, I totally believe (and have 15 years’ worth of supporting data to prove) that these consumers will spend MORE than the gift card value. A HUGE win for our beloved restauranteurs. 

Thank you for being so generous. Thank you for believing in our community. And thank you for showing up when things get difficult. I know, because the Bible says so, that your return will be 7 times 70! Let’s do this!